The Forgotten

It is 1958. The Cold War is about to enter its deadliest phase. John Harris, a London school teacher and Betty Fisher, a typist from Hatfield, meet at the inaugural meeting of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. They fall in love, but their affair is abruptly ended when Anatoly, a Russian diplomat, enters their world. They find themselves unlikely and unwilling protagonists in the paranoid world of espionage and nuclear warfare which began, for both of them, but in very different ways, in Berlin in 1945. For neither John, nor Betty, are who they appear to be…

Told in two time frames, and places – London 1958 and Berlin 1945 – The Forgotten is a story of war and its aftermath, of truth, accountability, love and trust.

The Forgotten will be published by Oneworld in September 2021.